Welcome to SIS
Welcome to SIS
Teachers play a major role in the development of a child’s personality & character. A highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers adorn the faculty list of the school. Teachers help the child not only in academics but also help them to learn music, drawing, painting, games & sports, theatre etc. the combination of these helps the child to be innovative.

Special care is taken to enhance the child’s ability to communicate in English especially to children coming from non- English speaking families & regional belts.

Staffs: Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staffs are employed, who besides being well-trained to instruct in the classrooms, are genius and co-operative and always available to help the children.

Audio-Visual teaching AIDs-(Smart Class): Our school has necessary Audio-Visual aids needed for inter-active teaching, like overhead projector, slide projector, different audio-cassettes, teaching software etc.

Education System:
The medium of instruction is English and great care is taken to develop fluency and accuracy in the language. The importance of Hindi and regional language is stressed and a high standard of proficiency is developed in these languages. The school prepares boys and girls for the examinations. Extensive use of audio-visual aids is made in teaching in the “ Smart Class” with the help of LCD projector. Computer studies are compulsory. The teaching is not confined only to the walls of classrooms but is also imparts by physically taking the students to Banks, Post offices, Railway Station,
Research Institutes, Trade Fairs, other public utilities and industries. Remedial classes for weak students are also conducted. Throughout the year. Extra classes are also conducted during summer vacation for weak students identified by the teachers.

Day-Boarding facilities are available for the students. Day – boarders will follow the same routine as full-boarders will follow the same routine as full-borders except the sleeping hours. The school will provide meal-break, lunch & snacks, to the day boarders.

Games & Co-curricular Activities:
Regular creative and Cultural activities, excursion, camps and educational trips are organised as part of the training. The clubs and societies develop the child in areas of English and Hindi debating, dramatics, creative writing & Poetry recitation, Gardening, Quiz, Chess, Mathematics, Electronics, nature, Scholastics, Publication includes an annual school magazine. Every student is encouraged to take part in Extra-Curricular activities of his choice. Extra efforts are put in and coaching is given to a child in the area where he excels in particular. Inter-house competitions are regularly held. Every child is encouraged to participate in games like Cricket, Football, Netball, Volleyball, Basket ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, yoga and Physical Exercises also form a part of their daily routine-beside sports debates, Essay-Writing, dramatics, tours and trekking, hobbies, Publications, special interest clubs including community services.

Boarding House:- The boarding house is infact a home away from home where the children are under full care and able guidance of a caring warden. The Dormitories are spacious, airy and well ventilated. Extra care is taken to provide wholesome and nutritious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

The residential wing of the school has well lighted and airy dormitories, Dining Hall, Recreation Room, Neat & Clean Hygienic Kitchen with clean drinking water. Children are kept under the guidance of an able Warden/Matron, who is caring & loving.

The academy has computer department for education purposes from class I onwards and is connected with INTERNET for world education programme. Computer lab is available to the Boarders at fixed time every day.

• Computer Education:

Keeping the need of the time in mind, we have made arrangement and installed latest computers with different modern software
to make the students will-versed in computer skill. This is a spiritual and an inextricable idea, hence the computer course haven been made compulsory not only this, students are also given opportunity to do practical programming. They are also encouraged to have their own internet ID. Apart form the computer education, the school has provide opportunity to each and every student to learn more about different subjects/topics on computer through internet.

This is the regular feature of the school. Students go on educational excursion to break the monotony from their day to day affairs. Students are sent on educational trips preferably to Historical places, Biological Parks, Sciesnce centres and other natural sites along with teachers and guides. This is organized to make them aware of the facts of our civilization and co-relate their theoretical studies.

Transport: vans and buses are available for transportation

• Security and Safety:
as critical as any other aspect of life at the campus is the safety and security of the children. Professionally trained security personnel watch over the totally fenced campus round-the-clock on guard as well. At no point in time are visitors allowed into the campus without prior appointment and proper identification. The security personnel maintain a continuous vigil on the movement of men and materials in and out of school campus.

Arts & Crafts:
Picture painted with the brushes of imagination and filled in with the colours of dreams.

SIS, conscious of the wholesome aspect to student’s growth provided by the fine Arts, Music, Dance, Literature and theatre not only free the spirit but also develop character and leadership. People, especially young minds, with artistic interests tend to look at life from a more mature and inspired point of view. This changes one’s attitude towards learning for an entire lifetime.

• Experimental Learning
To learn is to know. To put learning into practice is to understand the worth of knowledge. To learn from practice is to transform learning into wisdom. Numerous skills that cannot be taught in the class room are dispersed through these activities:-
• Presentation • Project work • Inter-class & inter-house activities • Group Discussions • Quizzing • Drama & Cultural Show
• Models & Chart Making • Debates • Declamation • Seminar • Essay-Writing / Story Writing

Inter-House Tournaments:
Our school will organize inter-house competitions in the fields of Inter house competitions in the fields of –
• Debates • Declamation • Essay-Writing • Story Writing • Cultural Show • Basket Ball • Volley ball • Badminton • Football
• Cricket • Athletics • Cross – country Race • Kabaddi

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