Welcome to SIS
Welcome to SIS
General Instruction:

(i) All books can be had from the school.
(ii) Parents / guardians must ensure that their-wards have all necessary books, note books etc. before the start of the academic session.
(iii) Parents are requested to put his/her signature in school diary every day.
(iv) Parents / guardians must ensure that their wards come to the school in proper school dress and his/her dress should be clean and tidy; shoes must be polished.
(v) Guardians are requested to pay charge for excursion, tours, picnic etc.
(vi) 90% attendance is necessary for every student to appear in the tests.
(vii) Parents are requested not to send their wards to school if they are not physically fit.
(viii) Parents are requested to participate in parents teachers meeting.

Mode of Payment:
(1) The tuition fee is collected on or before 10th of every month.
(2) Default fine of Rs.50/- will be levied if fee is not paid in time.
(3) If the dues of the tuition fee are not paid off even by the end of the month then the name of the concerned student will be strucked off from the school register.
The permission fo re-admission depends upon the direction of the principal and Rs.500/- will be levied there of for re-admission.
(4) fees can be paid by Draft, cash or cheques.

Withdrawal from the school:
A student is enrolled in the school for at least one academic year, No withdrawal is permitted during one academic session. In case of withdraw during the session, an extra amount of fees equivalent to two months has to be paid. However, in order to avoid the extra payment, the guardian/parents are advised to intimate the decision & hig/her ward two months in advance.

Code of Conduct:
(1) Chewing betel, pan masala, and cigarette smoking are strictly prohibited in te school campus. Any student found doing so, he/she will immediately be expelled without any notice.
(2) No electronic items is allowed in school campus,

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