Welcome to SIS
Welcome to SIS
The campus of the school is divided into five blocks Administrative Block, Academic Block, Residential Block, Games Block & health and Hygiene Block.

• Administrative Block: It consists of guard room, waiting hall, the chairman & the Director’s chamber, Account section, Store room etc.

• Academic Block: It consists of separate class rooms each. A Computer Lab, Library, Art and Music section are under this block. It also consists common room for girls and the principal’s Chamber. Drinking water and lavatory facilities are present in this block.
Sports Block –Separate courts for basket ball, Badminton, Net Ball and Volley Ball.
• Barber washerman & cobbler’s shops.
Bank of SIS – it consists of separate pass book for each student which is maintained by school authority.
• SIS Dairy for adequate supply of milk to students.
• Canteens facility is available.
  Residential Block – A spacious and clean rooms
• Neat and clean kitchen
• Spacious Dining Hall
• Bathpool and shower
• Hygienic lavatory
• Open AIR theatre (OAT) entertainment
• Anteroom consists of indoor games and Cable T.V.
School Session & Vacations:
The school’s academic year inform April to March. The session is divided into two sessions the winter session & the summer session. The duration of vacations are as under –

Summer Vacation – 2 Weeks (b) Puja Vacation – 10 Days (c) Winter Vacation – 2 Weeks (d) Holi Vacation – 10 Days

Admission to the school is open to all boys and girls irrespective of class, creed or community. Parents who wish to register their child for admission must fill out the registration form and register the child as early as possible on payment of registration fee. The registration of a student does not guarantee admission, which will depend on the student being found suitable for the class after an admission test and personal interview with the parents of the students. In all matters about admission, the decision of the principal is final. If a student is found fit for the class in which admission is sought, a provisional after of a vacancy will be made which must me accepted within 10 days of the offer being made. Admission will be considered on production of the following documents - (a) Birth certificate in original (b) Photograph (c) Latest progress report of the students, if any

Test & Examination:
A close watch is kept on each child about his/her academic performance by way of regular weekly class test followed by unit test, terminal test, mid-term test and Annual Examination. 10% marks of mid term, 20% for terminal and 70% marks of the annual exam will be counted in making of the progress-report. All care is taken for all round development of the child. Competitive spirit is developed in the child so as to accept & face the challenges of the modern world. The child is helped by the teachers regularly in their subjects during the after school tutorials.

Routine of the Students
• Early morning wake up
• Fresh-up
• Mass P.T., Yoga, Karate, Gym etc.
• Bath
• Breakfast
• Assembly
• Classes – 4 Periods
• Recess
• Classes – 3 Periods
• Lunch
• Rest/Coaching Class/Self-study
• Snacks
• Games
• Fresh-up
• Preparatory class (Self Study)
• Dinner
• Sleeping

Attendance in assembly is necessary for students & all staffs to Follows:

• Prayer
• National News
• International News
• Speech
• Quiz
• The Principal’s Speech
• Students Oath
• National Anthem

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